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Now there was a great famine where Isaac lived. God appeared to Isaac and said, “Do not go down to Egypt; Stay in this land for a while, and I will be with you and will bless you.” So Isaac stayed in Gerar, planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the Lord blessed him. He became rich, and his wealth continued to grow until he became very wealthy. He had so many flocks, herds and servants that the Philistines envied him. King Abimelech was intimidated by Isaac. He realised that Isaac had God on his side, therefore he and his men said, “We saw clearly that the Lord was with you,” (Genesis 26:28) and they wanted to make a peace treaty with him. During this time of plague and famine, do not be anxious. If you have put your faith and trust in the Living God and His Son Jesus, God will satisfy all your needs just like he blessed Isaac, so much so, the people who live among you will see that the Lord is with you.

I will say to the LORD, “You are my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Surely He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler, and from the deadly plague. He will cover you with His feathers; under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and rampart. Psalm 91:2-4 Assuredly no subtle plot shall succeed against the one who has the eyes of God watching for his defense, we are foolish and weak as poor little birds, and are very apt to be lured to our destruction by cunning foes, but if we dwell near to God, He will see to it that the most skillful deceiver shall not entrap us and no plague will come nigh our dwelling.

In Psalm 34 David gives an invitation:Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him– Psalm 34:8 David had been through the most trying times. He was hunted by Saul, at one time his friends plotted to stone him, his sons betrayed him and he had to live like an outcast even though God promised he’d be king one day. In and through all this David had a taste of His God. He knew His God was gracious, trustworthy, just, true and faithful. He had made God His refuge, and even once, God did not fail him. Have you put your trust in this God with your life, with your future. Do it today, you’ll know He’s good.

“Yet the Most High does not dwell in houses made with human hands …” – Acts 7: 48I do believe, in the words of the song, “The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple, the church is not a resting place, the church is a people.” But I also believe that sacred spaces matter. Our buildings ground us in a particular place and provide continuity with the generations that have worshipped there. But in the wake of the current situation where churches are closed, Christians don’t have to despair.  Jesus said, “For where two or three gather in My name, there am I with them.“  That’s our greatest confidence. He’s there in our midst and He hears our cries and answers us. So, people of God, pray alone, pray with someone, if you have no one to pray with, call someone on the phone and pray with them. Immanuel-God is with us!

“The arms of the wicked shall be broken, but the Lord upholds the righteous … They shall not be ashamed in the evil time” (Psalm 37:17, 19). God promised David, that He would be the king of Israel. But what happened in his life was contrary to this promise. David spent the next few years running for his life, living in caves, chased by Saul and his entire army. In and through all this, David sees the promise of the Lord fulfilled. God vindicates David and He is crowned the king.No matter what you see around you, no matter what confronts you, God will not let you be put to shame. He upholds the righteous. God will never put His trusting people to shame. He will keep His Word. What He promised, that He will fulfill.

Isaiah 41:10 Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, yes, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. Throughout the bible we can see God’s people were in fear time and again, especially when it was time for battle with their enemies.Regardless of where the opportunity of fear presents itself to you today, the Word of God declares to you, “fear not”! Why? God is with you, therefore you have no reason to be dismayed for the Lord your God promises to not only strengthen you but to help you and uphold you with His righteous right hand. God promises to help. The question is, “Will you trust Him and will you take Him at His Word?”

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 Are you dealing with fears that make you feel helpless and hopeless? Fear is one of the greatest weapons satan uses against us, as it attacks our minds. He tells us everything that is contrary to the word of God. How can we fight against such thoughts? By believing the truth of the second part of the verse. God through His Holy Spirit has given us power, love and a sound mind, not in our strength but in His. Lord, teach me to live a victorious life through the empowering love and strength of Your Holy Spirit. Break those strongholds of fear that bind me up and keep me from experiencing the peace and joy that You desire for me. In Jesus’ name I ask, Amen.

King Jehoshaphat and his men were in a desert without any water for themselves or for their animals and thought they would die. The king cried out to God for mercy and, this is what the Lord said, “You will see neither wind nor rain, yet this valley will be filled with water.” (2 Kings 3:17) In other words God was saying, “I will give you what you need, not in the way you think, but in My own way.” Sometimes, God gives no hints– no wind or clouds to let us know that the water is coming. He only asks, “Do you trust Me?” To whom are we looking to? Who is our source? God is telling us, “I’ll supply your need, but not in the way you think.” Today, you are in a dilemma – even a situation of your own making – don’t be afraid to call on the Lord with a sincere heart. Wait for Him to answer. Don’t worry about how God will do it. He’ll do it!

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.—Isaiah 41:10
God exhorts His children—not to be afraid. At times, the spiritual warfare we face is so intense we feel it is too heavy to bear. The enemy comes with all his arsenal and tries to bring us down to the point of being dismayed. It is at these times we must remember the word, “When you go out to war, and see horses and chariots, and a people more than you, be not afraid, for the Lord your God is with you.” Deuteronomy 31:6. Psalm 89:13 assures us, “You have a mighty arm; Strong is Your hand.” His hand is strong to protect us and give us victory. No matter what opposition we face, the right hand of God is able!