Builder of the Temple – Daily in Your Presence – Sept. 23

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but love, God’s love, will heal them.

No Laughing Matter – Greg Laurie Daily Devotion – September 22

We must take our adversary seriously. Here’s why…

Is Satan Behind Your Facebook Page? – Bible Study Minute – September 21, 2018

Social media can train us to worship the idol of self.

What to Watch after “The Crown”

I recently received an email from Netflix with the subject line, “What to watch after The Crown.” Clicking it for a quick read, I saw: “You finished The Crown. Let’s find you something new to watch.” I didn’t resent it; I appreciated it. While I am consciously aware that the entire process was automated, it doesn’t matter.

God Sustains Us

If God were to withdraw himself from creation for even a moment, it would simply collapse and every living thing would cease to be.

Work Continues at Evening – Morning and Evening 9/20 PM

Life is so brief that no man can afford to lose a day.

This Is the Day – Encouragement for Today – September 19, 2018

“I’ve been around so many people who are what I like to call, ‘one day-ers.’ As in, ‘One day, I’m going to go on a missions trip.’ Or, ‘One day I’m going to tell my dad I love him.'” -Tim Tebow

Why God Needs to Have No Limits

Fortunately, the eternal God never loses perspective, never gets anxious, never feels pressured.

How to Build Community When the Church Members Would Rather Be Online

The communication revolution is, to my thinking, self-evident. What is less discussed is the community revolution it reflects, and what that means for those of us invested in fostering community. Quick: How do you build community in your church if people – particularly young people – don’t want to be in a small group and would rather interact with people online?

New Podcast: “The Orthodoxy of Hell”

Hell will be filled with good theologians. Make sure you’re not one of them.