On Mission for Christmas (2018)

As we enter the Christmas season, I am reminded anew of how critical this is. At Meck, we are simultaneously challenging ourselves to give generously toward our annual “Giving to Christ at Christmas” effort, which goes entirely to the least and the lost, as well as invite every unchurched person we possibly can to one of our Christmas Eve services; services designed to not only celebrate the birth of Christ, but also introduce people to what His birth can mean for their life.

The Promise of Sufficient Strength

The Lord will give you whatever you need so that you can do whatever he wants you to do.

The Promise of His Presence

Don’t worry about tomorrow because God is already there.

How Christmas Brings Healing – Girlfriends in God – December 12, 2018

This is the hope we sing of at Christmas. Our Bethlehem song!

Are ‘Scary Ghost Stories’ Right for Christmas?

For Christians, the scary tales shouldn’t really seem all that crazy in light of the Gospels’ accounts of the Incarnation.

Taking Refuge In the Lord

Taking refuge in the Lord means that we will seek him first and not last when trouble comes.

Ten-Foot Tree or Nativity – Wholly Loved – Dec. 11

Have you been looking for Christmas in the wrong places? Have you not given Christ His rightful place in your heart and festivities?

The Promise of Hope

Our troubles will lead us eventually to hope.

Let the Children Come: Seven Steps for Safety

I’m sick at heart over the seemingly endless reports of children being abused by a volunteer at a church. The most recent? At least 14 young children were sexually abused by a man in South Carolina as he volunteered during his church’s weekend services. Why is this happening?

Don’t Be a Grinch! – From His Heart – December 10

Is there someone you can be kind to today? Nothing enhances your witness for Christ like generosity.