The comparison game and living in the lies peo…

The comparison game and living in the lies people have spoken over us has to stop. The lies we speak over OURSELVES has to stop. God created YOU and I in HIS image. To compare ourselves to another person is to tell God that He didn’t do His job well. To live under the lie that someone else spoke over us out of their own brokenness is saying that what Jesus did for us on the cross isn’t enough. It was more than enough to set us free from these lies WE LET entangle us. Lastly and most importantly we HAVE to put truth in so when the lies come flooding in we have that truth to combat the enemies schemes with. You and I are with ourselves the most. Speak life giving truth over yourself especially the truths of Gods Word.

Maybe it’s time to unplug from scrolling + comparing and renew our minds + get fresh perspective from Gods Word.

Listen for His voice.

Let God define what beauty is not this world. His definition of beauty is much different. Hold your head up high daughter. Your were created by the hands of our Great God. Unique. Special. Loved. Full of Purpose.

Contributed by @missmarquemade