From our friend @halinsarkissian ・・・ God&rsquo…

From our friend @halinsarkissian
God’s purpose for you far exceeds your current circumstances. God doesn’t appoint based on earthly achievements, instead He equips us based on His heavenly purpose for us. One of my favorite quotes is, “God doesn’t look for ability, He looks for availability”. Next time you feel that your current status or the opinions of others don’t qualify you, remember that Noah was just a farmer, Moses was a shepherd, Joseph was a slave, David was a poet, Matthew was a tax collector, Peter and John were fishermen, Paul was a tent maker, Mary simply a homemaker and Jesus was just a carpenter. These people remain in history as individuals who changed the world and life after death, forever. You may not deem yourself qualified- maybe certain people have molded those fears within you, but be still and know that He is God and if you make yourself available to Him, He will entrust you with His greatest work for His kingdom. •••
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