Love this from @michellelmyers ・・・ In our conn…

Love this from @michellelmyers
In our connect group yesterday, we got into a discussion about everything Noah sacrificed to build the ark: in addition to the tangibles of his time and his resources, what was likely his greatest sacrifices were those of his reputation and his own understanding. What would it really have been like to be the crazy guy building a ginormous boat when it had never rained before?! Noah wasn’t perfect, but he was faithful, and his faith drove him to OBVIOUS obedience. (I mean, you can’t hide an ark, right?) Sacrifice always occurs outside of our comfort zone. Otherwise, it’s not really sacrifice. So let’s get uncomfortable.

Thanks for the great sermon yesterday, @pastorbrucefrank! Excited for how God is moving at @biltmorechurch. If you’re in AVL, come visit one of our campuses! #sheworkshisway