Change isn’t going to come from Washington, D.C., change is…

Change isn’t going to come from Washington, D.C., change is going to come from around the dinner table (Paraphrase of Pastor @gregsurratt of @seacoastchurch).

Increasingly, I see people (I’ve been guilty myself) nowadays strive so hard to be right at the expense of doing right. I see this so much with the rise of social media and the divisiveness that comes from political extremes. Are we trying to DO right or just BE right when we discuss issues with one another (whether they’re hot button issues or not)? Let’s be honest with ourselves, we already have our mind made up before we even hear the other person. We don’t care about what they are about to say because we already have the 10 rebuttals to prove they’re wrong. It’s about winning the argument. It’s about “being” right. Somewhere along the way we have lost the ability to have a healthy and constructive dialogue. We’ve lost love in our interactions. We have abandoned the value of different viewpoints and working together as people. The world is full of people who see the world differently than you and me. That’s great. God has made us unique. We all have different backgrounds and experiences that filters the lens we use to see the world. Let’s hold more open and honest discussions. Let’s have meals with those who have different views than us and try to understand how they see things differently and why. Let’s learn from one another. Let’s grow together. Let’s change the world together. -Mark #goodnewsfeed

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